Goral Software


Goral Software is a one person software company located in Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Founded on Feburary 1st, 2011

My primary work is Anime Characters Database, a website that I started in April of 2007, and continue to develop today.

From the front end, to the backend, to the day by day server maintaince, all is my doing.

My Work

Skills and Experience

Cyber Security

I have a passion for computer security. Through knowledge and understanding of the origins of technology I gain insights useful for designing and configuring software in ways that comprehensively and extensively mitigate penetration attempts. Over years of developing software I have seen the common weak points that exists in all Web Applications. Ever eager to learn and adapt, I view cyber security like water. It is ever changing and dynamic yet often calm on the surface.

I have an excellent foundation in cyber security and the capacity to adapt to any challenge.


I have more than 8 years experience working with these technologies.

I've written hundreds of thousands of lines of code. Anything related to data entry, data retrieval, and data presentation; I can do.


Behind the scenes, Anime Characters Database has a number of C programs.

These programs are tailor made to provide features and increase security.


I've been working with MySQL databases for more than 10 years.

On the system admin side, I install, configure, optimize, backup, and run the software.

Software side, I design the databases, write the queries and optimize query design as needed.

FreeBSD, OpenBSD

I've run servers on OpenBSD as well as FreeBSD. Setting up jailed daemons, writing firewall rule sets for OpenBSD's Packet Filter and FreeBSD's IPFW, and fine tuning sysctl values are all part of the job.

Anime Characters Database runs stable with years of uptime thanks to these operating systems.


I use Linux for my development front end. Debain Linux, as it is stable and reliable with new enough tools that get the job done.

I've been using Linux for over a decade. I learned a great deal about the inner workings of Linux from the Gentoo Handbook.


Writing named.conf files, compiling and running BIND, and administering domains at godaddy.com are part of my skillset.

Generally you set it up once and you're done. Though occasional updates are needed when adding or moving servers.

Web Hosting

I know how to get the most for the least when it comes to servers and web hosting.

Anime Characters Database serves millions of requests daily, and uses roughly 10,000 GB of bandwidth monthly for a cost of $109/month.

If your business uses less than that and costs more than that, you really should ask me about saving money.


My money flows across 5 financial institutions in two countries. All for the sake of saving a few dollars on PayPal fees.

Running a business as a Canadian that makes money in US Dollars can be fee-free if you have my skills.


Session Server

Written in C. With a PHP API. Allows for storing temporary session data in memory, while providing added security, DoS protection, and traffic statistics.

Round Robin Web Cluster

Firewall level. Easy to scale. Perfect for traffic spikes.

The Lounge

Nearly 10,000 lines of code, across C, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, CSS and HTML.

The lounge is like IRC, but with many cool features.

Members can create lounges. They can admin lounges. Messages can be posted, edited. There are scripts that perform actions on specific messages.

Using my Websockets Server, messages can be sent to all connected members in real time.

The Lounge

Websockets Server

Written in C. Allows the lounge to notify connected clients on new messages.

SPAM Mitigation

Combination of bot finger printing and my L.A.M.E. Filter


Allows members to create online communities complete with forums, image galleries, lounge channel, member listing and access control lists.



Should you have need of my skills, feel free to email me job offers!

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